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Over 80% of Americans want to live to 90.

But at current rates, most people born today will die by 80 — ten years less than desired.

It's not all bad though.

  • Life expectancy is accelerating.
  • People are living into older ages more healthily than ever before.
  • And scientists are exploring better what are the root causes of death.
  • Still, to create the knowledge and technology required to allow more people to live longer within our lifetime, we must fund more work.

    In 2012, the US government spent $2.6bn specifically on aging. Aging is suspected by scientists, including from Harvard University, to be the root cause of most deaths in the developed world.

    In the same year, Google earned over $10bn profit from online advertising.

    I created Ads Fund as a new advertising service that gives half of its profits to allow more people to live longer. Ads Fund has already gained users from over 20 different countries.

    I want Ads Fund to be the best and most-used advertising service in the world.

    I think that starts with only showing you ads when you want to see them, and trying hard to give you only the ads you want, and in the best way for you.

    With your feedback, Ads Fund will work with you continually to improve your experience with ads.

    If you use Firefox or Chrome, you can choose to see Ads Fund's ads regularly while you use the Internet.

    Soon, anyone will be able to browse all of Ads Fund's ads on this website.

    Thanks, and I hope to see you as part of Ads Fund's growing global community.Tom Knight, Founder of Ads Fund

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    Ads Fund gives half of its profits from selling adverts to fund work to allow more people to live longer.

    Ads Fund wants to work with you to make the best and most-used advertising service in the world.

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    There are many ways you can develop and support Ads Fund. You can make, share, and sell related products without license.

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